Will there be World Cup in FIFA 2022

FIFA is thinking of hosting the World Cup for two consecutive years. Meanwhile, the majority of FIFA member countries have agreed to the proposal. UEFA is pouring water in such enthusiasm.

UEFA and its national associations are very cautious and deeply concerned about the news of FIFA’s plans,” said Seferin.

It also said that “FIFA will closely monitor the activities of UEFA and will know the whole thing.

In a letter to Ronan Ewen, executive director of Football Supporters Europe, Ceferin added:

I assure you that UEFA is by the side of the fans on this important issue.

Saudi Arabia offered to host the World Cup every two years in May. FIFA is trying to increase support by using former players like Michael Owen and Yaya Toure.

In the meantime, this proposal has gained a lot of popularity.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino, known as a man close to Saudi Arabia, has strongly backed the proposal.

However, Seferin could not find any reason behind the proposal:

The ‘window’ of international football is coming again, the national teams will play the matches of the World Cup qualifiers. With that, the eternal debate of football has started again with or without the players of the clubs.

FIFA and European clubs are once again facing that debate.

When the situation is like this, FIFA president Gianni Infantino has made a request to the clubs. he said. This is to protect the sports policy.

About 60 players from 19 clubs will have to leave the Premier League to play for the country. A large part of them are going to play for the national team in South America.

That is why clubs in England do not want to leave their players. And they are getting the support of the Premier League authorities. La Liga and Serie A authorities, on the other hand, are backing their clubs’ decision not to release players.

However, Infantino said, We are all in a global crisis. It will be in the future. But it is very important and important for international football without players.

Infantino added,‘ Many of the best players in the world play in England and Spain.

The start was not bad for Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. However, as time went on in the first half, Manchester City took control of the match.

Mo Salah, Diego Jota and Sadio Mane did not give the English champions a chance to move too much. At Anfield, Guest City played with possession of the ball as usual.

City’s Phil Foden had the best chance in the first half.

However, after the break, Liverpool’s edge increased. Jর্গrgen Klopp’s team put some pressure on City from the beginning. It also gets results. In the 59th minute, Salah’s great pass gave Liverpool the lead. It takes City tens of minutes to respond. Phil Foden equalized from a Gabriel Jesus pass.

The City midfielder has also built a reputation by scoring goals at the age of 21 years and 128 days. No one has scored in three consecutive matches against Liverpool since 2013 at a younger age than him. Romelu Lukaku achieved this feat in 2013 at the age of 20 years and 194 days.

At the end, Pep Guardiola, his team and their fans were the ones celebrating. Maybe that, more than anything else, tells the true story of this brilliant, pulsating Premier League clash.

In front of them, Guardiola gave a smile and a fist pump. He looked happy, focused, determined, themes he would continue in his post-match press conference.

The second half of the match at Anfield seemed to be a thrilling affair. Mo Salah beat City’s defenders in the 6th minute to give Liverpool the lead again. The Egyptian forward has scored in the last 6 matches for Liverpool in all competitions.

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